Hello there, thank you for checking us out! We are Tex and we believe that creativity consists in putting things together, don't you?

We are a destructured post house.

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What does it mean? You must be thinking...

Think about a destructured dish or recipe, in the same way we offer our services separately. You could choose one of them, two of them, three of them... or pick them all!

You will have the possibility to decide what to do with us and how to do it. Be sure we'll do it with love.

Tex does video editing, motion graphics, animation, treatments, video and photo research, pre-views, branded video content... etc.

Our team.

  • Nicola Scarpinato - Post Production Supervisor
  • Cristina Moio - Post Producer
  • Caterina Falvo - Post Producer
  • Roberto Pileri - Senior Editor
  • Luca Tassera - Editor
  • Davide Maccagni - Senior Flame Artist
  • Stefano Fracchiolla - Motion Grapher
  • Gabriele Slavazza - Ingest

Our Clients.

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Via Savona, 97 Milan | Italy
MM Sant'Agostino
Lat 45.455385, Long 9.167847

+39 02 456.34.532


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